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Cartes Graphiques

Cartes Graphiques

Feeder choisit pour vous les meilleures cartes graphiques Eizo pour une meilleure expérience d'utilisation.

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  • Carte Raptor 4000-R

    Réf : RAPTOR 4000-R

    256 MB frame buffer  Hardware video rotation  Multi-mode resolution support and layering via 8+8, 8 bit, 24 bit, 8+24 & MOX modes  DVI-I × 1 (digital/analog)  PCI and PCI Express (short card) versions Comprehensive customer care including long‑term technical support  Support for Linux, Solaris & Tru64


    Réf : RAPTOR 4000-LR

    CARTE EIZO RAPTOR 4000-LR Developed in-house specifically for ATC tower, vessel traffic, military and other command and control applications, these boards offer configurable multi-mode standard resolutions where 2K × 2K displays are not required.

  • Primary Control Graphics Card, LINUX...

    Réf : RAPTOR 5000

    The Raptor 5000 is a two-headed graphics board that supports high resolution digital and analog monitors. It supports OpenGL 3.3 and has 512 MB of GDDR3 on-board memory.  Oct- Dec 2013 :Prices are valid only for the 'validity' period mentioned above. Prices are EXWORKS EIZO factory at the origin mentioned above and not include freight charges, local taxes, custom duties, or other charges Pricing is subject to change. Eizo...

    449,01 € HT
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  • Dualhead2Go SE. Dual digital (DVI-D)...

    Réf : D2G-DP2D-IF

    Matrox DualHead2Go Digital SE DVI Noir 97 x 63 x 28 mm DisplayPort USB

    162,00 € HT
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